Make an Even Bigger Impact

Add a high-impact sponsorship or advertising program to your Cable Show exhibit and you'll move the meter forward on visibility, awareness and impact. From larger-than-life signage to The Cable Show Mobile App to beyond-the-floor digital media opportunities, The Cable Show 2013 offers a wide range of creative sponsorships to fit any budget.

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  • Sponsorships

    Call NCTA Convention Headquarters at (202) 463-7905 or email Victoria Jansheski at if you have any questions on the opportunities below available to both exhibitors and other industry participants. And prepare for impact.

    Badge Lanyards Sold To NetCracker Technology

    Combine infinite visibility with a personal touch when you apply your brand to the one fashion item everybody wears. Distributed at the Registration Area and Information Kiosks throughout the Convention Center.

    Convention Bags $12,500 / $50,000

    Handsome, rugged and built to last, these popular bags make for a prominent, enduring branding opportunity that carries on long after the show ends.

    Convention Notebooks Sold To AMDOCS

    Write the book on creative messaging when you design your own cover for these handy pocket-sized notebooks distributed to every Cable Show delegate. You get strong Show exposure, plus after-the-fact visibility.

    Convention Pens Sold To Clearleap

    Get some well-deserved ink by adding your company's logo to writing pens that are distributed liberally all around the Show - and wind up on desktops and in offices all around the industry.

    CTAM Business Services Reception Sold To AMDOCS

    Business telecommunications is cable’s fastest-growing revenue contributor today. Which makes sponsoring this reception for movers and shakers in the cable business category a smart business decision. Prominent presence before an exclusive audience, plus an association with CTAM, make it the perfect sponsorship. If you’re into business, it’s the place to be.

    Device-Charging Stations (2 options) Sold To Comcast

    Charge your way into powerful impact with video and brand messaging that delivers visibility all day long. Your message will be seen throughout the convention center at device-charging stations that serve up to 10 visitors at a time. Each station features a 17-inch LCD screen delivering crisp video or .jpg image displays to provide a professional look - and extended screen time exposure.

    Digital Signage Sponsorship Packages $20,000 - Non-exclusive Sponsorship. Limited availability.

    Make an unmistakable statement with this extremely impactful, built-for-attention sponsorship. The Digital Sponsorship Package includes rotation on 25 interior screens throughout the Walter E. Washington Convention Center - literally putting your brand in lights.

    eLounge at Cable Courtyard $25,000

    Connect with customers at Internet and email stations prominently positioned within the high-traffic eLounge and Cable Courtyard venues. Your surrounding signage lets visitors know you're helping them stay connected.

    Hotel Key Cards Sold To Discovery Communications

    Unlock new levels of exposure by associating your brand with hotel door keys just delegates use again and again. This in-demand sponsorship provides an exclusive entry to added value, check-in to check-out.

    Hotel Room Drops $3,000

    Achieve an inside advantage by delivering your materials and messaging straight to the rooms of Show delegates. Arranged in concert with official Show hotels, room drops deliver you-are-there presence that amplifies your message.

    International Business Center and Welcome Reception Sold To Cisco

    It's a must-attend gathering for international delegates who meet, greet and linger in a casual, informal setting. And the international impact continues throughout the show with constant stream of visitors in International Business Center. Which makes this the perfect opportunity to get your message out to the world.

    Massage/Relaxation Lounge $25,000

    Courteous, professional massage therapists help delegates relax and unwind, while you get all the credit through high-profile signage and creative ways to promote your feel-good sponsorship.

    Media Bag Sold To TV One

    Journalists love them, carry them, use them and keep them. Meanwhile, your logo gets prominent display in front of a delegate segment with lots of influence.

    Media Center Catering $15,000

    Elevate your media relations by providing some much-needed fuel to the hundreds of journalists, bloggers and writers who file stories from The Cable Show Press Room. You get the credit you deserve with prominent signage.

    Media Reception Sold To Entertainment Industries Council (EIC)
    Sold To LG

    Make a positive impression with the media and industry PR practitioners at this always-anticipated rite of summer that attracts journalists, editors, bloggers and industry executives in a relaxed environment on the eve of the show.

    Mints $5,000

    Sweet treats everybody appreciates, with your logo or message displayed prominently. You'll enjoy widespread visibility thanks to distribution at all the right places.

    NCTA Vanguard Awards $30,000

    Enjoy C-level exposure by aligning your brand with a marquee industry event honoring cable's best and brightest. An exclusive opportunity that reinforces your reputation as an admired industry participant before hundreds of cable's best-known leaders.

    Registration Portal - Exclusive Sponsorship $20,000

    Traffic, traffic and more traffic. Last year, more than 6,000 attendees registered for The Cable Show 2012 through online registration portal, with users spending an average of seven minutes per visit. Now, this prime online real estate is available for an exclusive sponsorship. You'll enjoy prominent brand and message visibility with registrants from around the cable industry and around the world – right up until the doors open on the show. Now that's some serious exposure.

    Water Bottles $20,000

    Quench your thirst for brand exposure at the show and beyond by providing attendees with a welcome, healthy and useful giveaway. You’ll build awareness with every sip.

  • Advertising

    The Cable Show 2013 offers a unique setting for getting your message across to thousands of broadband industry leaders, public policy influencers and decision-makers through large-scale advertising programs that deliver impressive ROI.

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    Banner Advertising $8,000-$15,000

    In high-traffic areas, it's the first thing you see: Larger-than-life signage that sends an unmistakable message about your organization's prominence and prestige. Placed for maximum visibility, banners let the industry know you're out there. In a big way.

    Convention Program $2,000 - $8,000

    Full-page advertisements extend the reach of your message by delivering prominent exposure during the Show and beyond, thanks to keep-it-handy directories and reference information the Program contains.

    Exterior Shuttle Bus Advertising $6,000 per bus

    A perfect blend of high-visibility advertising to your targeted industry audience, along with bonus consumer impressions in the policy epicenter that is Washington DC. Cable Show buses shuttle delegates to and from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center throughout the day, offering repeated exposure for long expanses of time.

    Apply for your buses NOW. In past years, inventory has sold out quickly.

    Interior Shuttle Bus Advertising $6,000 per bus

    Ever seen a Cable Show shuttle bus that wasn't packed? Neither have we. Take advantage of an on-the-go medium that offers a perfect blend of one-on-one intimacy and high-volume exposure.

    Apply for your buses NOW. In past years, inventory has sold out quickly.

  • Mobile App Sponsorships

    With more than half of Cable Show attendees now using it, The Cable Show Mobile App has revolutionized the way people experience The Cable Show. Now, there are more ways than ever to put this powerful tool for building brand exposure to work for your company, too. And here they are:

    Get started now: Download The Cable Show 2013 Sponsorships & Advertising Application.

    01. Gold Level Sponsorship Package - Exclusive Sold To Cycle30

    With more than 50% of attendees, downloading and using The Cable Show Mobile App, this powerful brand-awareness and lead-gen tool delivers major impressions and serious impact. Includes premier placement on the app welcome screen, a banner ad, a video on your landing page and more!

    02. Silver Level Sponsorship Package - Only 2 Available Sold To Scripps Networks
    Sold To Starz

    With a record number of Cable Show Mobile App downloads and interactions, this sponsorship makes a huge impression. Includes a highlighted listing on the Exhibitor List, a banner ad, a video on your landing page and more!

    03. Mobile App Banner Ad Package $3,000

    For a major lift in attention and engagement, utilize a banner ad in The Cable Show Mobile App to promote your brand, booth location and all the cool stuff happening in your booth.

    04. Mobile App Multimedia Package $5,000

    Extend your presence before, during and after the show. Attendees have access to your video message for 365 days. Video is located on your exhibitor landing page and can be played back over and over.

  • The CIO.IT Program Sponsorships

    CIO.IT sponsorships provide high-profile, highly noticeable brand visibility among leading cable industry IT executives and professionals. The CIO.IT program brings together leading industry CIOs, developers and professionals in an exclusive conference devoted to the vital category of information technology.

    01. CIO.IT Platinum Level Sponsorship (Exclusive) Sold To Accenture

    Major exposure and major value are the hallmarks of this premier CIO.IT sponsorship, a package that delivers visibility, presence and event affinity everywhere you turn. Combining on-site elements and event participation with value-added digital branding, the CIO.IT Platinum Sponsorship ensures your company and your representatives enjoy valuable face-to-face interaction along with marquee visibility.

    02. CIO.IT Gold Level Sponsorship Sold To CSG Systems
    Sold To NetCracker

    Signage, screens, event admission and more ensure your company is represented with brand-building impact across the CIO.IT program and beyond. A/V screen rotations during session intros are coupled with show admissions and online promotion in a comprehensive sponsorship that tightly aligns your brand with a major industry category.

    03. CIO.IT Silver Level Sponsorship (4 Available - 2 Left!) Sold To AMDOCS
    Sold To Tata Consultancy Services
    2 Remaining!

    Enjoy repeat touch points with industry CIO leaders through an efficient, impactful sponsorship program that delivers can't-miss impressions through on-site signage and A/V screen presence, plus bonus exposure through digital promotions and related content.

  • Imagine Park Sponsorships

    Smart people, cool ideas, and plenty of surprises - all happening live from Imagine Park, the high-energy stage located on The Cable Show exhibit floor. Special sponsorships tied to the dynamic Imagine Park events provide an exclusive opportunity to make and sustain brand awareness, connections and influence.

    Official Streaming Partner: Imagine Park and General Sessions Sold To PwC

    Extend your sponsorship reach and duration by supporting live and post-show streaming of Imagine Park events, presentations and activities and The Cable Show General Sessions. With last year's video showcase producing over 100,000 stream requests (and counting!) you're bound to make a large and lasting impact.

    The Cafe at Imagine Park Sold To AMDOCS

    It's a center-of-the-action gathering place where visitors can enjoy food, refreshments and conversation while listening in on presentations and checking out a special product showcase displaying the industry's top tech breakthroughs. In short, it's prime real estate for your brand and message-park benches included, of course.

    The Spring Technical Forum Reception at Imagine Park $30,000

    The Spring Technical Forum Reception is schedule to take place on: (NEW DAY) Monday, June 10, 5:00pm - 6:30pm.