Epic Ideas, Presented Live

It started with live demonstrations of new breakthroughs in second-screen video experiences. It closed with a look at the Reference Design Kit interface that’s helping speed inventive new set-top applications to the market. And in between, it featured live presentations, dialogue and conversation around some of the coolest ideas, products, applications (and people) in today’s broadband ecosystem.

Imagine Park engaged audiences over three days with a rich slate of demos and dialogue – and gave visitors a chance to grab some refreshments and enjoy the show from a relaxed, casual setting right on the exhibit floor.

Here’s a sample of what they saw:

  • 12 fast-paced stage presentations presenting glimpses of what’s to come in new on-screen interfaces, the power and promise of Big Data, a look at the hyper-connected living room, the awesome promise of the “Internet of Things,” new interfaces for talking to your TV set - and a sneak preview of a whole new level of possibility in live videoconferencing. 
  • 69 very smart, interesting individuals who are making an impact on the next generations of broadband-powered products, apps and features.
  • Fresh research findings about the way people are using, loving, embracing and integrating new digital media options into their lives.
  • 6 sponsors that helped to make it all happen. Thanks to Comcast, Commscope, Ericsson, PwC, Amdocs and LG for making Imagine Park possible.

Check out the Video on Demand page for any Imagine Park presentations you might have missed.

Sessions for Imagine Park

P01: Second Screen Scene: PwC
June 10 11:45 AM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

The buzz phrase that is “second screen” carries at least two interpretations. It can be me watching TV on screens other than the TV, and it can mean engaging with contextually relevant content about a show, on a non-primary screen. This session plumbs the depths of the second screen scene, with fresh data from PriceWaterhouse Cooper, companion TV content from Coincident, and a living room to die for from Akamai.


”PwC's Outlook: Consumer Adoption of Digital Innovation”
Joseph Atkinson
Principal, Entertainment, Media & Communications Advisory Practice

Lori Driscoll
Managing Director, Head of Entertainment, Media and Communications Practice

P02: Guide Garden
June 10 1:00 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Slide over, grid guide. You too, big clunky remote control. See ways to move consumers beyond the boundaries imposed by traditional TV navigation in this demo-heavy session. Like telling your TV what to do, instead of digging in the couch cushions for the remote. And getting recommendations about what you’re looking for on TV.

“TV Made Just for Me: Personalized Navigation and Content Recommendations Take Hold”
Peter Docherty
Founder and CTO

Steve Tranter
Director, Sales, Service Provider Video Technology Group (SPVTG)
Cisco Systems

Steve Necessary
VP, Video Product Development and Management
Cox Communications, Inc.

03 / P03: Capitol Perspectives: Commerce Committee Staffers on Communications Policy
June 10 2:00 PM
Imagine Park

Go inside the beltway for current perspectives on the state of broadband deployment, the rising Internet e-commerce marketplace, the FCC and its budget and more. You’ll hear from staff representing the House Committee on Energy & Commerce and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Discovery points:

  • Broadband deployment and access policies
  • Oversight of FCC Policies
  • Internet commerce and the rise of mobile computing

08 / P04: Capitol Perspectives: Judiciary Committee Staffers on Communications Policy
June 10 3:15 PM
Imagine Park

Understand the political and policy dimensions of high-profile issues including intellectual property protection, digital privacy and corporate transactions as staff from the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary share insights and observations about media and communications law issues. Discovery points:

  • Intellectual property protection and implications for content distribution
  • Viewpoints around cross-industry collaboration and competitive implications
  • A forward look at committee focal points and areas of inquiry

P05: Startup Alley
June 10 4:30 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Spike your entrepreneurial hankerings with a full slate of cool startups and new tech ideas rounded up by Waller Capital Managing Director Brian Stengel, who also hosts the session. See ways to keep the kids entertained (in an informative way!), a funky new form of instant messaging, seriously immersive multi-player games, and the latest in cloud-delivered television.

"Kids and Talbets: Making Games a Subscriber Business"
Nancy MacIntyre
CEO & Co-Founder

P06: Navigation Station: Alticast
June 11 11:45 AM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Finding what to watch on TV is in a blissful experience. Better navigation is the name of the game from here on out. In this demo-heavy session, see what’s going on in sports programming, general TV navigation, and how useful personalization can better serve customers.

“The Shift to All-IP”
John Carlucci
Chief Technology Officer
Alticast Inc.

P07: TV on the Device You Like: Parks Associates
June 11 12:45 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Call it TV Everywhere, call it second screen TV, call it TV on the device you like – it’s on. Estimates vary, but the evidence is everywhere: more and more video-capable screens are connecting via Internet Protocol (IP) to display streaming TV. In this demo-heavy session, hear fresh data from Parks Associates about who’s watching TV Everywhere, as well as trends in “gateways” (half set-top, half cable modem), what happened during this year’s March Madness games, and what’s new in connected TVs.

“Who is Watching TV Everywhere”
Brett Sappington
Director of Research
Parks Associates

P08: Internet of Everything: Sandvine
June 11 2:45 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Last year’s shop talk was a lot about “machine to machine” computing, abbreviated “M2M.” This year it’s “the I-O-E” – the Internet of Everything. What’s it all about? Count up the things in your life that work best with an Internet connection, right now. Then apply the multiplier that is M2M, to make smart our “dumb” devices – lights, thermostats, appliances, webcams, you name it. Answer: The I-O-E is H-O-T.

“Global Internet Phenomena in 2013”
Don Bowman

P09: Big Data Bazinga: IHS JANYS
June 11 3:45 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

Data, data, everywhere the data. Ever count how many times in a week you hear the term “big data”? What’s so big about it, anyway? In this uniquely visual and interactive session, see what matters when sifting through piles and piles (and piles!) of data, to inform and improve business interactions.

“Cartesian space is so 2012; What Cable Networks Can Learn from Social Networks”
Niels Rosenquist
Co-Founder & CEO
IHS JANYS Analytics

P10: Service Matters: Mediacom
June 12 11:45 AM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

There’s nothing much better than great customer service, and the intersection of web-based technologies with customer care is making things it even better. In this demo-heavy session, see what Comcast, Mediacom and Time Warner Cable are doing to make life easier for consumers needing help with their cable-delivered services.

“Mediacomconnect MobileCARE”
Sonia Boska
Senior Manager
Mediacom Communications Corporation

Jon Cosica
Group VP of Customer Service
Mediacom Communications Corporation

P11: Tech Talk with Tony: Comcast
June 12 1:00 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

What better duo to host the Park than Comcast Chief Technology Officer Tony Werner and Multichannel News columnist Leslie Ellis? Hear the tech details of Comcast’s Cable Show developments, plus see three cool demos in this grand finale session. What you’ll see: a way to find a movie that suits everyone (even amongst people who rarely agree), a marketing app that introduces traveling consumers to cable-delivered IP services, and the world’s first panoramic streaming video which should make videoconferences a whole lot better.

"Show Don't Tell: Giving Customers A Taste Of Awesome"
Eric Schrag
Senior Android Engineer
Comcast Cable

P12: RDK in Action: Espial
June 12 1:45 PM
Imagine Park, Booth 2133

At last year’s show, MSO technologists from Comcast, Charter, Liberty Global and Time Warner Cable unveiled the Reference Design Kit, or RDK, as a way to get to market more quickly with IP devices and services. How: by embracing open standards, from the chip level up. This year, RDK is in action all over the Cable Show floor, and the RDK update in Imagine Park aims to show, not tell, the latest in all-things-RDK. In this demo-heavy session, co-moderated by Comcast’s Mark Hess and Steve Reynolds, see RDK progress amongst silicon providers, manufacturers, integrators and developers.

"The TV UX - Reimagined with RDK"
Jaison Dolvane
President & Co-founder

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