CIO.IT | Competition 2013

Now in its fourth year, CIO.IT  | Competition 2013 offers selected vendors and suppliers an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss inventive ideas for addressing cable’s expanding information technology demands. At CIO.IT  | Competition 2013, a jury of leading cable industry CIOs will evaluate and identify their favorite solutions in a lively event that offers registrants a front-row view of technologies and trend lines at work in cable’s modern IT era.


Call for Presentations is now closed.

Candidates who are awarded a presentation slot will be notified by the end of March.

About CIO.IT | Competition 2013

The Opportunity

Chief Information Officers and cable's IT executives will gather in Washington, DC at The Cable Show 2013 for the eighth annual CIO.IT program. More than 200 participants are expected to attend the program to compare notes on cable industry IT challenges, share best practices, and together enjoy and experience the many benefits of the industry's annual conference and international exposition. The Cable Show 2013, sponsored by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), is scheduled for June 10-12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

The CIO.IT steering committee, comprising the industry’s top ranking CIOs, will be reviewing vendor/partner suggestions related to any of the following cable system and/or content provider issues:

  • Delivery of Online Video
    • Providing IT support for the business model, including back office services, metrics, provisioning, authentication, billing, delivery and revenue assurance.
    • Evaluating various billing and transactional approaches, including usage-based billing.
    • Optimizing delivery mechanisms to effectively reach multiple platforms.
  • Big Data/Predictive Analytics
    • How to better share data with, and distribute it to, customer-facing employees such as service agents and field personnel.
    • Providing advanced analytics to support growth and nurturing of commercial services.
    • Leveraging data to enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
    • How to enable predictive analytics from large disparate data sources; then from predictive analytics to actionable business processes (e.g., predicting or anticipating customer behavior, plant monitoring, plant equipment upgrades, customer equipment issues, customer support requirements, shifts in cable box/modem inventory).
    • Dealing with multiple and ever growing sources and amounts of data that often are not directly correlated.
    • Working with unstructured vs. structured data (e.g., data from social networking, email, chats vs. structured database formats and attributes).
  • Cyber Security
    • How companies can better protect
      • company assets (e.g., networks, applications, databases, etc.)
      • customer information
      • employee information
      • their services from operational disruption
      • their community and work against terrorism and external attack.
    • How to manage Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.
  • Cloud Services/Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Leveraging repeatable (SOA) technologies across platforms (e.g. web, mobile devices, customer support and self service, etc.).
    • Leveraging internal/private and external/public cloud computing.
    • Using cloud services to leverage new and existing data.
    • Decreasing time and costs to market and support business solutions.
    • Increasing flexibility of platforms.
    • Increasing operational efficiencies of the business.
    • Utilization in commercial services.
  • Mobility for the Workforce and for the Customer
    • Opportunities and challenges around allowing employees to use mobile devices, whether owned by the employee or the company, for business purposes.
      • Issues arising from the use of consumer devices in the workplace regarding privacy and security both for the company and the employee.
      • Impact on economics of the business and business/employee policies.
      • Controlling data on personal devices beyond email.
      • Enabling sales force mobility.
    • Configuring the enterprise platform to better support mobile services and applications for customers.
      • Creating effective mobile delivery mechanisms.
      • Enabling more effective marketing to mobile customers.
      • Addressing alternative media for viewing and use of video

Cable IT vendors and partners are invited to submit presentation proposals for brief, targeted, non-product-specific presentations that offer solutions to these and related issues.

Proposals will be evaluated by a representative panel of cable CIOs. Those that are awarded a presentation slot will enjoy the opportunity to present their solution in a competitive format during panel presentations for CIO.IT track attendees during the two-day program at The Cable Show. Based on the success of their actual presentations, panel presenters may have the opportunity to meet further with cable industry CIOs and IT executives to discuss their ideas in more detail. The Cable Show will publicize the panel presentations to trade and business news media.

Presentations flowing from proposals must be executed by a single presenter; completed within a period of 10-15 minutes; and may feature audio/visual elements such as video segments and/or PowerPoint slides. In the course of the actual presentations during the CIO.IT program, cable industry CIOs will comprise a board of reactors, pose questions of the presenters, provide feedback, and choose their favorite presentation.

Over and above the standard cost of registering for and attending The Cable Show 2013, there is no additional charge for submitting a proposal or participating in this competition program. All presenters that are selected, however, must register to attend the Show.


For More Information

For sponsorship inquiries, contact The Cable Show Convention Headquarters at (202) 463-7905. For all other questions about the program, email Lauren Riordan, Manager, Programs and Events, NCTA at or by phone at (202) 222-2430.